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Subconscious Mind Reprogramming


S.M.R. stands for “subconscious mind reprogramming”, this is an amazing modality based on script work with no need to go into your past to dig up the old patterns. We heal your issues right where they are; sitting at the mind level. What I have found using this unique and wonderful tool is we can all have our own relationship with our subconscious mind and get our mind to do the work for us.

This is about you, each and every one of you who have struggled to move past your mental blocks and give yourself the life you deserve. Most importantly, this is about what this amazing healing modality can do to help you move through many situations in your life that are holding you back whether it be sickness, depression, anger, relationship issues, work issues and many more different types of emotional blockages that could fill this page.

Subconscious feelings are deep within the crevices of your mind, yet many of you are not aware they are even there! Subconscious mind reprogramming is about bringing a quick and permanent change to subconscious based issues and patterns that your subconscious is protecting you from, for various reasons unknown to you at this present stage. However, we do not have to search out the reasons for your blocks, which is the greatest gift using this healing therapy.

The reason for this is the mind holds a very large percentage of our memories as patterns within its process. Your mind also runs many parts and attributes of the body automatically. Because of this, subconscious mind therapy has a very high success rate of handing everything over to the mind to heal the unconscious patterns and brings about personal change in a gentle and effective way.

The subconscious has a magical way of repairing your issues once you decide to do something about it and this happens within the very private part of your inner self. It is subconscious based because this process takes place without the conscious part of you even knowing until the changes are evident in your life.

This reprogramming works for everyone, teenagers, adults, children and the elderly as long as it is establishedt it is a memory based issue and not a conscious one. In this case if it is conscious, I can work this with you through my intuitive counselling.

The list below shows you example of what we can work through.

· Anxiety- and related problems

· Anger issues (uncontrolled issues and outbursts)

· Addictions – many kinds!

· Bad Dreams

· Chronic pain

· Compulsive behaviors

· Concentration problems

· Constant worry

· Fatigue

· Insomnia and other sleeping disorders

· Irrational behaviors

· Low self esteem

· Phobias (irrational fears)

· Procrastination

· Panic attacks

· Skin problems

· Stress and tension

Contact me at kaz@kazmiles.com to make a booking.

I can also arrange healings via Skype if this is more suitable.

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